Homework – Due Monday 28th April

You must plan your first draft of your creative writing coursework inspired by one of the given images. Remember: we have spent a half term exploring the codes and conventions of Young Adult fiction.  What are these conventions? What will your setting be?  How will you show this? Where is the conflict? How will you…

Homework – Due Thursday 3rd April

Plan and write 3-4 paragraphs inspired by this image. that will make the opening of a novel: Will you choose to write in 1st or 3rd person?  Why? What vocabulary will you use?  Why? How will you create conflict? How will you use time-bombs to indicate the development of your story?  

Homework Due Friday 21st March

Pilgrim Homework Write a narrative inspired by the images in the given extract taken from the comic ‘Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life’. You may choose to: be one of the characters be an inanimate object write in 1st or 3rd person do something completely different Minimum two paragraphs.

Debate Topic: “In Sport, Winning is Everything”

For the motion: Jon, Aditya, Anas & Adil Against the motion: Teo, Finn, Scott & Anis Today’s debate was fantastic.  Well done to all involved.  I was particularly impressed by Seyi’s ability as a Chair (althoughI interrupted him quite a bit). There were some probing questions from the floor, with particularly goof contributions made by…

Homework – Due Monday 20th January

You must complete both of the following tasks: 1) Find two transcripts of multimodal language(text message conversation, twitter conversation, Facebook conversation) 2) Find one example of a spoke language transcript – you could script a conversation between yourself and a friend. Ext: Write a twitter tragedy – Write a tragedy story on no more than…